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"Wendy Powers worked with us for 6 summer seasons at Camp Chateaugay in New York, and was our riding Director for a program which is responsible for managing a staff of 4, and up to 15 horses. Since I began working with Wendy, she proved to be a very gifted member of our team, as well as a mentor to our campers and staff. Some of Wendy’s responsibilities included staff training, which means the preparation, design, and implementation of the schedules and educational content, which is used to prepare her staff for their summer roles. She was in charge of every aspect of the riding program, which is an enormous responsibility. And she herself is a very talented instructor, gifted in teaching equitation, and dealing with camper interpersonal and social issues. Wendy has excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills, which is essential for our line of work. Her professionalism and determination kept our riding program running very smoothly. The qualities a riding director should have are numerous. Needless to say, Wendy has them all. She is always professional, reliable, hard working, honest, and loyal. I’m very proud to have had Wendy on our team."


- Dov Shapiro, Co-Director and Co-Owner

of Camp Chateaugay


"I was scheduled to have my first lesson with Wendy in March of 2015. Overall, I was skeptical and nervous of this new adventure. As a young girl I rode heavily in the discipline of dressage for 21 years and trained up to level 3 however; it had been almost 5 years since I had seriously ridden with an instructor. My concerns when I met Wendy were: would I be good enough to ride, would I like the style of her instruction and so much more. Within the first few minutes of meeting Wendy, she introduced herself as a natural horsemanship instructor. This was new to me. My previous years spent with horses were focused mostly on the mounted work with little emphasis on the ground work. Immediately Wendy and I began ground work with her horses. She showed me how a person’s and horse’s body language can speak volumes to one another. I learned how to lunge, how to properly fit a saddle, how a horse licking his lips and softening his ears was a good sign, and how to tell if the horse was “off” or stiff. This style of training intrigued my mind and soul and from there, my horsemanship bloomed ten-fold. When I had told Wendy I had dreamed of switching from dressage to jumper style my whole life, she helped me do just that without losing my dressage foundation. She helped me improve my training of horses from the ground to my jumping position and eye for a course. She even took me to my first show ever off grounds. Proudly, after that show I was able to hold up a few first place and second place ribbons. Wendy never pushed me into things she knew I wasn’t comfortable with but challenged me enough to partake in things I never thought I could do. I had the privilege of riding under the instruction of Wendy Powers for almost 2 years. Unfortunately my life transitioned me to a different state (Iowa) but Wendy always told me that the line of communication was open and I was able to ask for help whenever I needed. Through these times, I not only had a great instructor but I gained a wonderful friend who looked out for my well-being that passed along her astounding knowledge of our four legged friends. I strongly and highly recommend Wendy Powers Riding to any style or age of rider."


- Carrie Crowe, Student


"After search for months for an instructor, I stumbled upon Wendy by chance, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found her.  I recently arrived for a lesson to find Wendy sitting on the mounting block in the middle of the ring with her horse, Edison, standing in front of her, with no halter or lead rope; head bowed, ears forward, his nose practically touching her knees. To me, this image encompassed Wendy’s nature as a horsewoman.  Wendy has an immense love for horses and this shines through in her teaching style.  Wendy creates a fun, safe and welcoming environment in her lessons, and is always full of encouragement and patience.  My lessons with her have given me the confidence to feel comfortable working with and around horses. In addition, I’ve learned various natural horsemanship tools and techniques to improve upon not only my riding skills, but my relationships with the horses I ride.  I appreciate Wendy’s willingness to share her knowledge about horses with me, and also her clear ability to demonstrate and effectively teach that knowledge."


- Electra Shea, Student


"Wendy Powers' ability to connect with children is something you cannot teach. The way she engaged our son Aiden, an individual who has confounded teachers, special educators and therapists alike, has been a breath of fresh air for our family.  Aiden looks forward to his hour with Wendy every week and it’s not even about the horses for him (though he loves them too); it’s about exploring, learning, and playing with Wendy. The “ground work” where he can ask questions, learn things and have chance to learn how to work and follow directions is every bit as important for him and us as the actual time on the horses. Wendy can read Aiden daily and just seems to know where he’s at and where/how she can push him forward, outside his comfort zone and where/when she needs to sit back and let him have time to get himself comfortable with something new.  Where/how she got this skill is a mystery, but it has made her someone we appreciate, rely on, and will dearly miss when she moves on to her next adventure. Michigan’s gain is for sure Vermont’s, and our family’s loss."


- Amy Beaton and Peter Booth
Jericho, VT


"My 8 year old daughter began riding with Wendy in the Fall of 2014. We knew she was a fantastic match right after the very first lesson. Right from the beginning, Wendy showed her patience and passion for horses and teaching others about them. Wendy has a gentle way of relationship building with horses, and teaches this to her students as well. Madie didn’t just learn how to ride horses, but she learned how to read their behaviors, do ground work with them, and build trust with them. I very much respect and

appreciate Wendy’s gentle way with all horses. In the matter of less than a year, Madie learned more with Wendy than she had with her previous instructor, who she had been riding with for years. Wendy sets high expectations and challenges her students, which I very much appreciate. Madie looked forward to every single lesson, even in the winter when it was 20 degrees. She is a kind and gentle person who really loves what she does. We are truly heartbroken to see her leave, as Madie would have continued to lesson with Wendy for years and years. If you would like to discuss our experience with Wendy further, please feel free to call or email. I would be happy to discuss our wonderful experience. She would be an asset to any stable."


- Diana Halvorsen


"Over the past two and a half years I have had the pleasure of watching my daughter, Tillie (10) grow as a rider under Wendy's kind and effective coaching.

Teaming Tillie up with her pony "Half Chaps", Wendy created a very dynamic team that while they have been fun to watch grow together in the practice arena, they were truly exciting to watch in the show ring!  Wendy's expert training and guidance pushed them both to constantly be better over the season and they loved it.

Not only has Wendy coached my daughter to be a constantly improving rider, but also one that is sensitive to the needs of her horse.  She is understanding the horse isn't just her ride, but her partner as well.

We also love that Wendy's kindness extends to the whole family, including little sisters that just can't wait their turn to brush and ride "Chaps"!  I think it's safe to say Wendy will have future riders in our family for many years to come."


-Emily Sandow

Midland, Michigan



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